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Custom Software Development - Computer Repair

Computer Repair

We are a computer repair firm who specializes in custom software development that strives to return value on capital investments in information technology.  We started as a computer and network service provider and have specialized in accounting systems and software integrations.  Based out of Houston, Texas and serving clients world wide!

Computer Repair Technicians & ProgrammersComputer Repair Technicians

We started in 2003 as a small service company in the Houston area.  We have organically grown over the years by bringing on a full time desktop / network technician, a full time programmer, and our founder who specialized on business systems.


Computer Repair & ProgrammingComputer Repair

We support clients in all aspects of information technology including desktops, laptops, wireless, networks, servers, databases, accounting systems, custom software development, and integration.  We have the expertise to see your project to completion.


Houston, Texas, Nationally, and InternationallyComputer Repair in Houston

With our home offices in Houston, we provide onsite support and services to clients in the greater Houston area.  We provide remote support to clients throughout the United States and abroad.  For larger projects with specialized needs, we are more than happy to travel.

Computer Repair

The computers are critical components of any solutions.  We provide computer repair support and service to ensured continued access the business systems that you value.  Computer problems can result in work stoppages and security breaches.  We can help!

Virus Repair, Software Repair, Website Repair, Computer Repair, Server Repair, Network Support, Internet Support, Email Support, Help Desk Support.


Network Support

Your network largely goes unseen until it reaches the Internet.  Our network support includes file servers, network wiring, and the network equipment including routers and IP phones!

Networks start at the computer and from there go over the LAN (local area network) to a router.  The router directs and restricts the traffic over its known connections over the WAN (wide area network / internet).


Software Development

Software provides us the insight to make decisions, forecast future trends, and account for what we have accomplished.  Software integration provides a method to make business more efficient by reducing duplication of work.  Contact us about custom software development and programming today!

Our solutions, people, and mission strive to provide the fullest benefit of having information when needed.  Through the consulting process we evaluate what the client needs and will benefit most from.  We assist at implementing software, hardware, and networks to fulfill those needs.  The location these days is less important so long as the infrastructure exists: we can help build a highly robust and distributed enterprise!

Free Introductory Consultation: Call 832-606-3300!

For new clients, we offer a free introductory consultation!  This includes meeting the client, reviewing their setup, initial access checks, and assessing the client's needs.  During this time we will need the most knowledgeable person available as we will verify systems and access to those systems.  This is a great opportunity to determine if we are a good match for each other!