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Software Development

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Custom Software DevelopmentCustom Software Development

For businesses purchasing new software, they have the choice of obtaining it off the shelf or having it be custom developed. While off-the-shelf software is readily available, it lacks the intimate integration that a custom developed program offers such as

Versatile Software EngineersCustom Software Development

As a software development company, each software developer goes through an intensive pre-employment assessment before being hired. Upon being hired, training provides software engineering, accounting, and web design experience to ensure all of our developers are versatile in their field. This process provides them with the diverse skill set required to make a project successful. Our software consultants are unique in that they have accounting and business experience allowing them to interface with all levels of your company.

Software Designed for Success

We sit down and learn the ins and outs of every company in order to understand its business process. We assess your needs of collection, tracking, processing and/or analysis of information. Following the Unified Process, we put together requirements and design, then continue to develop, test, and remediate each project until completion. Following this pattern of application development, we make certain that each project is a success.

Custom Software DevelopmentSystematize Processes in Applications

In order to minimize human error, it is important for a business to systematize their business processes. As software developers, we work with you and your company to find and streamline each of your regular processes, leading to savings in time and expenses. Custom software development gives the organization the ability to prioritize and speed up the more critical processes performed.

Mobile First Adaptive DesignMobile First Adaptive Design

While business is still being conducted on desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices are becoming increasing prevalent in the work environment. It is important for Software engineering to stay focused on a dynamic design that incorporates mobile and desktop structure

Software Development Bootstrapping

We have developed incBootstrap to speed up development and to dramatically decrease cost for each one of our application development projects. incBootstrap lays the framework needed for multiple users, groups, securables, and permissions for a complete role based user management. incBootstrap also provide enterprise level settings management and audit trail.

Web Development

Custom software development comes in three forms: traditional desktop, web, and mobile. Custom web application development requires that the application, in specific the user interface, be designed in such a way to accommodate the disconnected lifecycle of web servers. Additional considerations should include specific web browsers to be supported.

Custom Software DevelopmentMobile Development

Mobile development come in two forms: a web application masked as a mobile application, and a true blue mobile application. A true blue mobile application is preferred when taking advantage of hardware features of mobile devices, and when performance is critical. The disadvantage to true mobile application development is we need to do it once for iPhones and iPads, and once for Android based devices, and yet once again for Windows phones. This brings us to the advantage of a web application masked as a mobile app: it’s universal and portable across all devices if done correctly.

Database Design

Database development and application development go hand-in-hand. When referring to database development, most people mean software development. Database is the structure, storage, and organization of information. Most modern enterprise database systems do not include a user interface, which is what the application provides: this is why most refer to ‘database development’ and mean application development.

Software Integration

Most businesses are ran through a combination of "off-the-shelf" software’s and custom applications. Connecting these applications together is usually done by using and reusing the same data from one system to another.

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