incArchivador is our own document management system which provides document naming control using taxonomies, permissions and security. Not only does incArchivador provides an easy and clean interface for document management but also gives complete folder management control to the user.

For support, questions, comments, please contact Internetwork Consulting LLC: 832-606-3300.

Benefits of a Document Management Program

incArchivador is a powerful tool, that will provide the following:

Easy to Use

incArchivador makes it easy for any user to quickly find, save and edit any document while still keeping all your files well organized.

Multi-User Application

This application started as an Active Directory intergrated system, but has been moved to an independent authentication for users who do not have a domain.

Centralized Document System

One of the benefits of having a centralized document system is having a program that will effeciently organize, share and track all company files amoung multiple users.

Multi-Database Support and Integration

incArchivador has multi-database connection support to enable integration with popular programs such as Quickbooks and Sage 50

Traceable Audit Trail

In case of an Audit, incArchivador keeps all your important documents, images, and files well organized and easy to find should you need them.


These screen shots are provided to give you a feel for the program before downloading.