Document Management System

In the quest of trying to find a document solution that would integrate with our accounting system, we created incArchivador. Designed to integrate with any database, your files will be stored consistently by every employee.


incArchivador Benefits

In the quest of trying to find a document solution that would integrate with our accounting system, we created incArchivador. Designed to integrate with any relational database system, your files will be stored consistently with defined taxonomies.


Having multiple people in charge of filling will yield inconsistencies in approach, storage, and naming. Our system requires that users stick to the defined taxonomies.

Time Savings​

Locating physical documents is time consuming two times - the time to retrieve and put away. We make locating easy and quick, and there is no need to put away.


Security is not just about permissions, but isolating critical data from ransomware and the latest threats. It’s about controlling access.


ISO and regulatory compliance require that documentation be completed, numbered, and revision-tracked.

Remote Access​

Digitizing documents is a first step to eliminating the needs for a fixed physical presence – your workforce can be anywhere.


Consistency is achieved by using information stored in their primary sources – other programs such as your CRM or ERP.


Increased ease to share information while making the same information accessible from many localities. It allows the ability to roll back changes if needed.

Real-Estate Savings​

Digitally stored files take up virtually no physical space compared to their physical counter parts. A file cabinet of papers typically cost $120 per year in real-estate costs.

Disaster Recovery​

Everything is good if you have 1 or more copies of a piece of information. Digital documents lend themselves to easier replication prevent information loss. Try making 3 physical copies?

Reduce Emails​

Properly storing, organizing, and sharing of documents results in less emails. No longer will you need to email the file, but now import the file into the document management system: incArchivador.

Our system is designed so importing invoices, or documents you want filled with the invoice, would start by selecting the document type known as a taxonomy. The taxonomy would then have you select the invoice number… based upon this information we can file the invoice by date adding tags to the file name indicating the invoice number and customer.


Paperless is a dream without a purpose. Mobility can be the reason to go paperless – no matter where you are, you have the documents needed.

Enterprise Features

As a document management system for the enterprise, incArchivador is built on a solid role based multiuser security system. While ensuring controlled access to the information it contains, it also has detailed logging abilities to see exactly who did what when.


A core demand was multiuser – multiple users should be able to access the same data at the same time.

Role Based

Users are assigned to groups. The permissions are given to groups not users. This forces role based permissions.

Password Policies

Security is hinged on passwords. We enforce password complexity and aging requirements that can be configured by administrator.

Group Edit Software WIndow
Computer Authorization

Access to the system is controlled by device. A user can be flagged to add a computer on login.

Audit Trail

The logs create an audit trail of user actions, changes, and errors. These logs can be filtered to isolate and understand the ocean of data.


Securable are defined permissions for a group that include create, read, update, and delete access.

Documents Controls

The document system in incArchivador is based around taxonomies for the grand plan on how files are organized.


As the foundation for defining groups of documents, taxonomies also define the folder and file name as well.


Lookups can access invoice information to populate the folder and file name with date, customer, and invoice number.

Field Types

The fields in folder and file names can be entered by the users. Field types define the data type and validations.

Taxonomies List Software Window

Lookups on other databases – we support MS SQL, MySQL, OLE DB, and ODBC. This makes it possible to connect to most systems.


Documents can be checked out and checked in. This allows the document system to track and access revisions.

File Browser

Our system provides a file browser recursive search. Locating documents is simple and efficient.

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