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Internetwork Consulting LLC

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Internetwork Consulting LLC started by offering home computer repair. But, our start predates those days. Internetwork Consulting's founder, Shawn Zernik, start programming at the age of 14. The company grew out of his passiion for computers, the internet, technology, business, and the need to create something bigget than himself. From there, customers have enjoyed our serives - home computer repair, business IT servcies, Microsoft Exchange, Linux, internet consulting, and software development. Our motto, if it connect to the netwoork, we can support it! The computer network is considered a "stack" working from the top, being the users, down to the networks and back end servers - we are compitent at it all.

We Come To You

We provide onsite services for home and businesses a like. All businesses are made up of people. We pride ourselves at providing the white glove service required of businesses and business executives.

Same Day Service

We strive to have our staff about 75% busy leaving the 25% for same day appointments. These appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, and if a same day appointment is not available, you can pay for an emergancy appointment and have someone out there same day.

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Internetwork Consulting LLC
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