Open Source Accounting Software

incAccounting is an open source, mobile first, cloud accounting system. Designed to unchain accounting staff from their computers, we open-sourced a complete double-entry accounting system… so you can conduct business by your rules.



Over the years we have helped medium and large businesses use QuickBooks and Sage 50 to power their enterprises. Inevitably, we face user demands that the systems cannot accommodate. We can write add-ons, but the integration process is often less than desirable because of restrictions imposed by the software maker. This became the motivation for our open-source accounting software, incAccounting – since we have the source code, we can make it do whatever you need it to.

Mobile First

Development was performed in such a way that ensure the first consideration was mobile devices – phones and tablets. Enhancements were then made for laptops and desktops.

General Ledger

The systems core is a double-entry general ledger where debits must equal credits... the foundations of accounting. All add-on systems 'post' transactions to the ledger.


Sales quotes, orders, invoices, credit memos, and payments – we do it all in cash and accrual. The system includes an Aged Receivables report along with sales tax reporting.


Purchase quotes, orders, invoices, credit memos, and payments. Importantly, our software includes vendor quotes, a feature neither QuickBooks nor Sage 50 has. We include an Aged Payable report as well.

Human Resources

This is what it’s about–- people. We handle employees, pay check templates, and the recording of payroll on the ledger.


The reporting module is robust and customizable. It’s what drives the lists of the system and all reporting. It truly does more than simply reporting.

Cloud Technology

The system, from the ground up is based on open-source cloud technologies: Java, Glassfish, MySQL. It’s a web app, which means no software for client installations.


Did we mention open-source? That means you get the source code. Need to make changes, we are happy to do so! Want to contribute a bug fix? THANK YOU in advance.

The Open Source Accounting Revolution

Past productivity gains were achieved by computers, spreadsheets, accounting software, and remote access.

The next boost will be fueled by cloud computing and mobile devices.

Computer, camera, scanner, bar code reader, GPS logging, field applications… Is your business mobile ready?

Why Choose incAccounting

Choosing an accounting system is about balancing features, benefits, and costs. Another concern is how this investment will make profits. incAccounting helps businesses through cost reduction while also increasing revenue.

Immediate Savings

Managing payables allows for the immediate reduction of financial expenses… here’s how incAccounting can help:

Decrease Financial Expenses

Managing payables decreases late fees, fines, and related financial costs. Ultimately it can affect your credit rating and the interest rates you are charged.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Take advantage of early payment discounts by paying before the due date! Managing payables allows you to do just that.

Increase Vendor Competition

Looking to compare vendors’ products or services before making a buying decision or starting a business relationship? Our system allows the tracking of vendor quotes. During critical conversation with vendors, you have the information you need at hand. When ready to move forward, convert the quote to an invoice or order.

Eliminate Busy Work

Humans hate doing the same task over-and-over without meaningful value being created. incAccounting reduces “double work” through:

Direct Data Entry

Filling out a form and then entering into a computer is double work. Each time data fidelity is compromised and errors are introduced. Cloud systems allow the systems to exist where the data is created: in the shop, warehouse, yard, or on-site at remote locations.

Document Conversions

Orders -> Quotes -> Invoices -> Credit Memos
You can convert from the left to any on the right – no re-entry, just modify as needed.

Time Tracking Created Invoices

Time tracking data can be billed to clients through Invoicing Time: select a contact and the hours not billed will be listed. You can optionally filter by employee. Check the time you want to bill, and the invoice is created.

Hamster in Wheel
Time Tracking Created Time Sheets

The time tracking system can be used to create time sheets. Simply selecting an employee and a date-range will return the payable hours.

Embody Acumen

Having information at hand when making a decision is the best way to make the right decision. incAccounting ensures this by working on your cell phone – where ever you are!

Reduce IT Expenses

Having information at hand when making a decision is the best way to make the right decision. incAccounting ensures this by working on your cell phone – where ever you are!

Immediate Savings

Managing payables allows for the immediate reduction of financial expenses… here’s how incAccounting can help:

No Software Needed

No software is needed on client computers besides a web browser – and you can use your favorites: Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

No Computer Needed

You don’t have to spend thousands on a computer setup – our system will run on cell phones and tablets. Workstations are optional.

No IT Needed

We offer cloud solutions for clients interested in a minimal installation footprint – no server and no software.

Broken Laptop

Own vs renting – we allow both options. You can start hosted and migrate your data to your own servers as you grow, or we’ll happily welcome you back to our hosted platform when you need us again.

Licensing Costs

A large portion of business assets are on software licensing. We distribute incAccounting under the GNU license — no software licensing fees. We make our profits on support, migrations, hosting, and custom development.

Business Process Optimizations

Optimizing business processes can reduce overhead, increase customer and employee satisfaction, while providing a more agile response to customer needs. All this makes the company more efficient yielding lower expenses and greater revenue potential.

Simplification and Customizations

Any general-purpose system will increase in complexity for every variation of a task the system is designed to handle. Most systems provide no ability to modify the core functionality of a screen of subsystem. We solve this through opening the database and providing the source code.

No Data Islands

Having multiple systems poses a logistical nightmare for data – most resort to double entry. We allow full read-write access to all data to ensure true integrations, eliminating the need to re-enter data across systems.

Time-Tracking Tools

Time-tracking of tasks allows you to identify processes with high potential for efficiency gains. These gains are then realizing through customizations and changes to systems, tools, and processes.

Increased Business Intelligence

Gaining a deeper insight into your numbers is possible through our reporting system. It brings a new level of Business Intelligence to your accounting system by creating the report in a relational manager.

Building Value

Increasing revenue not only benefits cash flow and reduces management stress, but also serves to build the value of the business. This provides the shareholders greater equity.

Increase Revenues and Cash Flow

incAccounting streamlines the sales process through contact management, quotes, order, invoices, credit memos, payments, and receivables. incAccounting benefits your business through increased cash flows, revenue, and– ultimately –profitability. Cash flow problems start at the time of service when the invoice is created. Problems here include double entry, low-fidelity information, higher default rates, and impacted revenue.

Contact Management

The system has a robust contact management system that can be used for sales and prospecting.

Professional Quotes

Providing a professional quote is an asset to any sales process. Those quotes can be tracked, and followed up on, allowing for higher close rates and increased revenue.

Order Tracking

Closing the sale is not the end. Order tracking and timely fulfillment of orders increases customer satisfaction and reduces order cancellations.

Towers of Coins
Ensure Time was Billed

Client billables can be optimized through ensuring all billable time is billed. Each time entry can be flagged to an invoice marking it as billed. This can be checked and validated to ensure 100% billing.

Not All Time is Logged

Requiring humans to log time is akin to pulling teeth. By linking client billables to payroll time-sheets, the human resources have a vested interest to ensure time is logged – it’s a win-win.


Timely invoicing increases the speed which receivables can be collected and lowers default rates.

On-site Invoicing

Field technicians no longer need to fill out paper forms. Invoicing can be done anywhere on a smart phone or tablet. This allows for the data to be directly entered in by the technician providing the services, resulting in more detailed and accurate invoices. These can be emailed and printed on-site, eliminating the need for paper invoices.


incAccounting is created to work with incArchivador and incStatementReminder to provide a 21st century automated collection machine. This solution creates a statement and attaches the invoices for that statement in an email that gets sent to the customer. No more chasing down invoices or having customers claim they didn’t get the invoice.

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